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How do I pay for classes at Legacy Classical Academy?

We understand there are many choices regarding homeschooling in California.  We have both charter and independent (private) students in our program. In order to keep costs down, we are pleased to offer some teachers who accept charter funds. This is a personal choice made by each teacher.

How Do I Pay for Logic & Rhetoric Classes?

All teachers are approved by Legacy and all parents are responsible for coordinating directly with their student’s teachers to arrange for payment of their classes, whether by the use of charter funds or personal payment. Legacy does not accept and/or remit payments for any teachers. Theology teachers may be employed directly by Legacy; therefore, Legacy may bill each student for Theology Classes; however, currently this is not the case.


We support our teachers by allowing them to set their own policies for how and when they collect their class fees.  We recommend all classes be paid for by semester prior to the start of class. If Charter funds will be used, we recommend that Charter encumbrances (voucher or PO) be provided to teachers in writing on or before the first day of class.  In the event of lack of payment, we support our teachers in recommending the student be removed from classes until a remedy has been acted upon.


Legacy will provide each family with a summary of their student’s classes which will show the Class Name, Annual Tuition Fee, and Teacher name.


PLEASE NOTE:  Each family is responsible for submitting annual tuition payments to each teacher according to that teacher’s requirements.  The teacher will contact each family directly with information on how they wish to have direct payments made to them or their requirements for the timing of Charter encumbrances.


How Do I Pay for Grammar and Childcare Fees at Legacy?


Payment Options for Grammar Fees and Childcare Fees (select one):


  • Payment in Full by August 31, 2018 by check or online at under the Members Only page called “Curriculum & Resources”


  • Ten Equal Monthly Payments using an automatic charge to your credit card or debit card with a fee of $5/month - beginning on the 20th of August and each following month on the 20th, ending on May 20, 2019. Please request a form to set this up.


Payments by check can be made to Legacy Classical Academy and mailed for receipt by August 31st to:


Legacy Classical Academy

℅ J Ingram & Company, CPAs

2999 Douglas Blvd, Ste 325

Roseville, CA 95661  


Late Payments:  Payments more than 5 days late will incur a $10 late fee. However, we understand that life happens and offer one grace each year.


Please notify us of your payment selection by August 15th.


Full Year Commitment


Please understand that when you enroll your student in Legacy your commitment is for the entire school year. In return, the instructors are also committing to fulfilling their time commitment to the families. Even one student dropping a class could have a significant impact on a teacher financially.  


Given this, if a student drops or withdraws from classes before September 30th, only half of the class cost will be due; after September 30th, the full class cost will be due. 

Under the following circumstances, a prorated rebate, not to exceed half of class cost, will be granted if: 

  1. The student moves out of the greater Sacramento area. 

  2. The student experiences extended physical illness and is unable to attend school the remainder of the year. 

If you have any questions regarding payment of classes at Legacy,

just drop us a line in the 'Contact Us' form.  We're happy to help!

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