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Logic & Rhetoric

The Logic & Rhetoric Classes (7-12th) are developed to be rigorous and maximize our student’s natural phases of learning and challenge our students to think differently and more profoundly on all matters.  

During the Logic years, students are learning to present themselves and the arguments they've prepared with a humble, respectful and enthusiastic demeanor.  We will not only teach students logic but will teach them all subjects using logic as a central teaching tool.


Students in this period also naturally enjoy collaborating with their peers, discussing important issues, deliberating ideas, and working together on projects, presentations, and assignments. Teachers will teach primarily by utilizing effective discussion and debate rather than by lecture. 

Rhetoric students are ready to employ their past learning to meaningful work, art, music, writing, and speech—they want to begin making a contribution to their surrounding community and culture.


The study of rhetoric formally enables this, as students study what makes for effective, beautiful, and persuasive speech and writing. Rhetoric students, therefore, are frequently asked to speak, write, share, and create. As emerging adults, they take more responsibility for teaching younger students, and find that they master learning best by teaching others (docendo discimus, by teaching we learn). 

We approach each subject as part of a whole, looking at the pieces as foundational to developing a Christian worldview, recognizing truth & beauty, thinking clearly and substantively, and communicating well.  All of this is done in the context of a strong, intentional community of believers who put a high value on building and maintaining relationships.


Parents volunteer on teams such as Yearbook, Event Planning, or Fundraising in order to stay invested in building a beautiful community for our students.

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