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Lower school is designed to prepare the student for the next level of education.

Legacy is more than just a place for classes. We are a community in which students get to have the feeling of being a part of a school (including bringing a lunchbox, lining up,  group playground games, and building relationships), while still having their primary influences at home. We feel this is an important element to keeping the family as the center of authority, as is their God-given charge.

Our Grammar program (K-6th) is designed to capture the child’s heart by exposing them to the wonder of truth & beauty of Scripture and the world around them.  Hands on learning accompanied by fast-paced, energetic memory work in all subjects will build a foundation bank of knowledge which they will utilize in their future at Legacy and beyond. An emphasis on language and art in a delightful and engaging way will provide them with the building blocks needed for more advanced thinking and expression. Families all participate together to teach and serve the students and each other in this endeavor.


Click below for more information on what a Day in Grammar is like! 

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