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Mike Turner


Graduating with a Business degree from Bethany University in Scotts Valley, Mike has held positions at Hewlett Packard and Oracle Corp., as well as worked in Real Estate, formally and informally assisted people and businesses with their technology, lead church small groups, and mentored engaged couples. Mike is married to Charlotte Turner, and together they have five children who attend Legacy Classical Academy.  Mike enjoys hosting in his home, geeking out over Star Wars and Lord of the Rings, reading great books to his kids, and having meaningful conversations with friends and families.

Mike & Charlotte Turner

Charlotte Turner

Having been homeschooled herself, teaching is a passion for Charlotte and she expresses that through homeschooling her kids, teaching piano and voice lessons privately, leading children’s and adult choirs, teaching and directing the Latin program and serving as a Grammar Director at Legacy, and tutoring Chinese students in English. She holds a degree in Music with an emphasis in education. She has a passion for teaching classically, and has a cultivated a love for the richness of Latin and helping children understand the modern application of this ancient language and alleviate the fear parents have in teaching it. Charlotte’s five children will be participating in Legacy, in both the Logic/Rhetoric and Grammar Programs.

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