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Kevin Owens

Kevin is an IT security professional with a background in aviation and technology serving in the Air Force as an Avionics Technician and currently volunteering as a Deputy Squadron Commander for the Civil Air Patrol in Auburn.  He has taught various classes ranging from auto mechanics and wilderness survival to science and technology at different home school communities inspired by his background where he felt his most valuable lessons of faith, service, hard work and perseverance were taught at home, by parents, grandparents and a few close family  friends: fixing cars, building the family house, growing food, serving in church and the community. His desire is to pass on to others the desire to try, the ability to learn how to learn, and the ability to succeed even when failure is part of the equation, and has a passion for kids that love to learn and serve and want to make a difference in their world.

Kevin & Christie Owens

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Christie Owens

In 2001, Christie shifted her focus from being a CPA to raising her four children and, along with her husband Kevin, has homeschooled their children from the beginning of their schooling.   As a product of the learn-test-forget generation, she discovered and developed a deep appreciation for the Classical model of education as she saw her children thriving under its influence.  Her eldest daughter graduated from a Classical homeschool community and is now thriving at college while her other three children are all enrolled in the Rhetoric program at Legacy where she expects that they will gain a greater understanding of God’s world, how a fallen people interacts in that world, and why God is the ultimate source of all joy and contentment as they are exposed to God’s truth and beauty (Phil. 4:8). Christie is honored to be utilizing her administrative and financial gifts as a Director at Legacy to implement a Scholé community in the greater Sacramento area.

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