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Healthy community is the outcome of sustained effort toward God honoring relationships and the commitment to love our neighbor above ourselves.


As homeschooling grows in our area and a multitude of wonderful classes are offered, we differentiate ourselves, through offering more than classes.

Families of Legacy each play a unique role in our community as they belong to something with purpose. Our community of students, teachers, and parents who strive to grow together academically, relationally, and spiritually. We offer a purposeful, loving place for your family to thrive. All classes, including extra-curricular activities, are designed with purpose to support virtuous growth and shape affections.  Students feel they a belong to a "school" community yet spend the majority of time with family at home, as the primary influence, which is a core value at Legacy.

During our year we also offer opportunities to distinguish us as a community:  Classes ending in celebratory events (Great Books poetry and dinner/ Culinary class 3 course dinner put on by students, etc) a yearbook, prayer, social evenings, swing classes, optional Classical testing for students with Classical Learning Test preparation, holiday gatherings for students and moms. Also, the foucs of life-long learning is prevalent through out the community for both parents and teachers as we purpose to grow in Christian classical education knowledge


Chapel at Legacy is an opportunity to declare our statement of faith together, to pursue our virtues and loves, and to communally glorify God and enjoy Him.

"What's your vision for your homeschooling journey? If the vision of Legacy resonates, come join us as we humbly walk with this next generation."

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